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Ulysses Castellanos
[Canada - edition: 7]
Ulysses Castellanos is a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator living and working in Toronto. For over a decade he has exhibited and performed extensively across Canada, the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. His work encompasses new media, film, video, music, performance, painting, photography, and sculpture-installation. The ... [read more]
[United States - edition: 7]
I have just returned to the United States from Indonesia where, for the last 2 years, I have been visiting and studying local culture and on my most recent visit was accepted on scholarship to study traditional Indonesian dance. Upon my return to New York I have taken up residence at CAVE performance art space in Brooklyn and have begun ... [read more]
Pedro Pedrosa da Fonseca
[Portugal - edition: 7]
Born in Faro, 1989. Lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Escola Superior de Arte e Design (ESAD) of the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Higher School of Art and Design of the Leiria Polytechnic), Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in 2011. Participates in collective exhibitions since 2009, namely in FUSO - Anual de ... [read more]
Gian Luigi Braggio
[Italy - edition: 7]
Born in Turin in 1970, I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in my city. Qualified librarian, graphic designer, teacher of drawing and art history at the public school, I have been devoting myself to artistic research for a long time. In recent years, the studio work has been followed by the participation in several personal and collective ... [read more]
Agustin Sanchez
[Mexico - edition: 7]
Agustin Sanchez (Città del Messico). La sua formazione artistica, corsi e Workshop seguiti in Italia e all'estero, dà origine alla sua attività professionale che a partire dai primi anni 90 si concentra sullo studio e la ricerca dei nuovi media, come estensioni tecnologiche che ampliano le possibilità creative dell'artista. Docente di ... [read more]
Antonella Salvadore
[Italy - edition: 7]
La mia necessità primaria è dipingere. Usare le mani per baipassare il cervello. Sento che le mani sono un ponte tra il cervello e il cuore e la pancia. Il cervello da solo è una prigione. La società può controllare il mio modo di pensare, ma non può controllare le mie emozioni e il mio intestino. Con il cervello si trova il sistema per ... [read more]
Nara Denning
[United States Minor Outlying Islands - edition: 7]
Born in San Francisco in 1976, Nara Denning is a native of the fringes and seeker of invisible realities. She has made a body of work which interprets what she has so far encountered, collecting antique elements to create seductive, turbulent dreamscapes inspired by personal memoir as recalled by the symbolic language of the heart. Denning ... [read more]
Sergio Sotomayor
[Spain - edition: 7]
Sergio Sotomayor [Spain, 1976] is a visual artist and researcher. He graduates in agricultural engineering at University Miguel Hernández of Alicante. Synergies between the technical education and his reflexive concern, manifest in a visual and poetic language exploring the boundaries of art, science and philosophy from a cross conceptual and ... [read more]
Andreas Mares
[Austria - edition: 7]
1969 born in linz, austria 1980-2010 drawings 1990 - 2006 paintings with oil/mixed technique 1994 first works with meat 1996 exhibition at the museum industrielle arbeitswelt in steyr drawings, paintings, objects with meat 1996 - 2010 objects with meat 2006 1st action. until 2010 several videos 2007-2011 videos with ... [read more]
Jorge Catoni
[Chile - edition: 7]
Jorge Catoni lives in Santiago, Chile. He works in multiple media, including painting, graphics, video art and music.2
Adriana García Benítez
[Mexico - edition: 7]
Adriana García Benítez lives and works in Mexico City. A new media artist for a couple of years now, her work is developed around the constant wondering of what is the meaning behind being a woman in this era and how we mold our persona with the internet on a daily basis. Her videos revolve around the provocation of the subconscious and the ... [read more]
Sara Francesca Tirelli
[Italy - edition: 7]
Sara Tirelli is a videomaker. She graduated in Visual Arts at Faculty of Human Science at University of Bologna, Department of Art, Music and Perfoming Art. She spent some years in The Netherlands working within New Media Art Institution before settling in Venice where she was artist in Residence at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in 2010. Her ... [read more]
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