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[Karissa Hahn / United States - edition: 10]
making a pot of tea, listening to the radio, a sculpture of pose, a gesture incomplete - no relief  a tea kettle boiling to silence is a petrified thought air mattresses are the worst to fold up
[David Anthony Sant / Australia - edition: 11]
Notably disparate Sydney localities. A threaded expanse of colour expands and/or contracts within each portion of footage. The displaced perimeters of the images redefine their discernment whilst whimsically disclosing their underlying digital fabric.
Alien Gardens
[Andrea Riba / Mexico - edition: 10]
Ideas of progress and development orbit a mindset in which societal webs must continue to consume in order to prosper, develop, and grow. At a steady pace, it seems as though a uniting consciousness has begun to prevail over said myth of progress, as we begin to unveil the inner workings of the logic as destructive and counter-intuitive. Let ... [read more]
A tragedy
[Dan Ciupureanu / Romania - edition: 11]
A phone conversation witch reveal a drama.
Ballet dancers in slow motion
[Jayson Tang / United States - edition: 10]
The video pieces are an art collection that show the dancers movement in air and slow motion, shot at 1/100 the speed. The dancers are from the San Francisco Ballet.
[Mathias Choo / Singapore - edition: 11]
A workaholic is confronted after having carelessly caused the death of his son’s pet goldfish.
Truth or dare
[Alex Morelli / United States - edition: 11]
In the forests of North Carolina lurks an unsolved mystery. On the interwebs, the story's up for grabs. A film for the age of YouTube conspiracy theories.
Running man
[Pedro Sena Nunes / Portugal - edition: 10]
Two beings. One encounter. The movement of a body meets the stillness of concrete and stone. A man runs through a seemingly empty space. His steps echo. The walls seem to respond. Circular forms meet angular ones. They speak without words. Space creates movement and is created by movement in return.
Mundus Patet
[Eduardo Herrera / Argentina - edition: 10]
Mundus Patet, tries to describe the ancient celtic/etruscan/roman ritual, 3 days in the year in which the upper world and the downunder world could be connected due to it's main door finally opened. Technically I've let the traces of the original program I used in order to show the 2 faces of the video making. I usually use the "chair" ... [read more]
Reasonable watchfulness
[Talena Sanders / United States - edition: 11]
A diary film; transitions while longing for other places and people, like a fox on the run.
Shrine v2.4.2
[Semiosphera (Francesca Giuliani, Lino Mocerino) / Italy - edition: 10]
// A singularity is taking place // A dance generating random patterns // A spontaneous life-generating matrix // Chaotic // Unpredictable // Vital
WZ628_Mont6 (2018)
[Ralph Klewitz / United Kingdom - edition: 11]
A static video clip depicts a funfair scenery. Then, one photograph enters the frame from the left, and another from the right, and both gradually move towards and over each other, until they eventually overlay the entire video clip. The audio track includes electronically distorted, cracking and pulsating sounds. Through frequency ... [read more]
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