10th edition | 2016/2017
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The videos
[Sara Glojnaric & Binha Haase / Germany | west / edition: 10]
Messages based on fake facts regarding actual women rights topics like abortion rights, rape culture and internalized sexism from Ultra-conservative misogynistic YouTubers turned into positive feministic messages uncovering their mechanisms of manipulation.
Another's Window
[Grace Mitchell / United States | west / edition: 10]
The characters of this film objectify their human traits in order to communicate ideas that are perhaps too difficult to convey otherwise: the loneliness that company cannot diminish & the anxiety of mortality.
The garden of love
[Miguel Maldonado / United Kingdom | west / edition: 10]
I went to the Garden of Love, And saw what I never had seen: A Chapel was built in the midst, Where I used to play on the green. And the gates of this Chapel were shut, And Thou shalt not. writ over the door; So I turn'd to the Garden of Love, That so many sweet flowers bore. And I saw it was filled with graves, And tomb-stones ... [read more]
A`place in the sun
[Miguel Maldonado / United Kingdom | west / edition: 10]
Inspired by Walt Whitman’s writings, this film aims to conjure up sensations linked to humans’ evolution and existence as chance animals in the universe.
Degrees Of Separation
[Gio Lingao / Philippines | east / edition: 10]
Synopsis: A man decides to take a bath. As the silence blends in to the sound of rushing water, he remembers some of the days of his life.
Fade IN fade OUT
[Veronika Burger / Austria | west / edition: 10]
No light, no film. In mainstream cinema productions, and the James Bond film series in particular, lamps sometimes play a dramaturgically key role. They are often knocked down as the trigger for, or as a result of, a fight and frequently they get broken dramatically. In the video ‚fade IN fade OUT’ they become the main actors at the centre ... [read more]
how to eat a jesuíta
[José Simões / Portugal | west / edition: 10]
HOW TO EAT is a series of short visual scheme videos that show the different portuguese ways of eating several traditional pastry and others that we can find in pastry and coffee shops in Portugal like a éclair, a jesuíta, a pastel de natal, a bola de berlim, a croissant, a napoleão, a queque, a bolo de arroz and others. A subtle humor, a ... [read more]
I´m tired of being an artronaut
[Anna Baranowski / Germany | west / edition: 10]
Always with a slightly transfigured look, alienated, confused, rather irritated, the artist stares into space. The piece "I´m tired of being an Artronaut” discusses the stereotype of an artist in current society in form of a self-portrait. It shows the fall of an global known optimist, who does not even think about standing up again.
Novembre, une invention de l'année 2015
[Jean Seban / France | west / edition: 10]
A film about time, and especially about next year.
[Uriel Jaouen Zrehen / France | west / edition: 10]
Vika just missed her casting, the beginning of an awareness?
Shrine v2.4.2
[Semiosphera (Francesca Giuliani, Lino Mocerino) / Italy | west / edition: 10]
// A singularity is taking place // A dance generating random patterns // A spontaneous life-generating matrix // Chaotic // Unpredictable // Vital
[Lana Z Caplan / United States | west / edition: 10]
Synopsis: Using animation, heat sensitive camera footage from US border patrol screens, military bombing drone monitors, and other collected footage, Maelstroms is a reflection on the dehumanizing use of image technology in modern practices. Screening History: -*Winner of Audience Choice Award* CROSSROADS 2016 (San Francisco, April 2016) - ... [read more]
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