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Volleyball holiday
[Ricardo Vieira Lisboa / Portugal - edition: 11]
The fragile nature of the celluloid film, or the dispositif as an end in itself.
Babylon what then?
[Olga Guse / Germany - edition: 10]
From the beginning of civilization, Babylon - symbol of humanity's ability and symbol for human pride at the same time – the conflict with God. Millennia have passed, and Babylon spread influence throughout the Earth – great cities, globalization, consumerism and environmental degradation, wars ... What awaits the Earth's next? Will Babylon ... [read more]
[Donya Hajizadeh / Iran - edition: 10]
The dark universe, From behind the recurrence of black ideas, I won’t keep silent.
[Khalil Charif / Brazil - edition: 10]
The images record an environment where a crowd is taking continuous flashes toward the viewer. Celebrity are us, the public. Recorded at Virgin Records Megastore, in Paris, 2007.
Body experiments
[Melanie Beisswenger / Germany - edition: 10]
A symbiosis of form, color and the flow of movement.
Six portraits of Clara Schmann
[Stuart Pound / United Kingdom - edition: 11]
Six Portraits of Clara Schumann resolves into perhaps the oldest multiple we know. First screened at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht with further screenings at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Split Film Festival in Croatia in 2016.
Zona compartida
[Félix Fernández Fernández / Spain - edition: 10]
This video, filmed at the low part of Sierra de Tramontana in Mallorca, is an approach to the unconscious cultural substratum that we all share, which encloses some of the human-being big questions. This space, as Jung said, is filled with an immense variety of symbolic representations, that only through the analysis and study, can be decoded. ... [read more]
Ich bin der übermensch
[Joacelio Batista / Brazil - edition: 11]
Utopias are based on fragile structures that arise from the depths of our desires.
Flowers of flash
[Gabriele Favazza / Italy - edition: 11]
The video shows the story of everyone, divided by the 3 most important part of a life, the death (The inevitable end), the life (Briething) and the borning (Borned). This movie is a trimp in my mind that shows how I see the wolrd.
Little by little
[Jean-Michel Rolland / France - edition: 11]
"Little by Little" is the construction of an impressionist landscape (Monet's garden in Giverny) in 16 successive scannings, each corresponding to a color of the spectrum. Accompanied by a white noise modulated according to the volume of space to be filled, this video, designed using the free software Processing, focuses on giving a temporality ... [read more]
[Mauricio Saenz / Mexico - edition: 10]
“Dakhla” reflects on the concept of uncertainty and the imprecision of a changing reality as an ever-present confrontation. Through a narrative that describes a metaphoric trip to the middle of the sea between two distant points on the same latitude to see life in perspective, representations of the ephemeral and unpredictable emphasize on ... [read more]
[Fran Orallo / Spain - edition: 10]
Vulcan is the god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology, iron forger and creator of weapons and armor for gods and heroes. In the video shows a heart of caramel that melts, which is forged to become something else, construction and destruction go hand in hand in a continuous metamorphosis. The audio is composed by a sound collage.
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