10th edition | 2016/2017
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The videos
We are in fabric
[Johannes Horak / Germany | west / edition: 10]
Multispector Video- "Ensouled Multipicture Carpets“ by Johannes Horak Poem by Thomas Rhode Music and spoken by Klaus Blach The pictures and videos are made during a travel through South- and Centralvietnam from November 2015 to February 2016. I wanted to find my own pictures by putting different videos together, by arranging and finally ... [read more]
Santa Teresa
[Emanuele Dainotti & Alessandro G. Capuzzi / Italy | west / edition: 10]
SANTA TERESA (Italy, 2016) by Alessandro G. Capuzzi & Emanuele Dainotti - BEST SHORT, 41th Laceno D’oro Film Festival (Italy) - SCREENING, XIV Mostra del video d'autore Avvistamenti (Italy) Sinossi Santa Teresa è una città del nord del Messico. Dal 1993 al 2003 sono stati commessi più di 300 omicidi (a sfondo sessuale) ai ... [read more]
Magic Theater
[Ajavon Pierre / France | west / edition: 10]
Welcome to the Magic Theater, the price for admittance is to turn off your mind and listen to the color of your dreams - now, open your eyes and live your own experience...
[Ajavon Pierre / France | west / edition: 10]
"This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it" F.Nietzsche - Thus spoke Zarathustra
L'Heure Bleue
[Ajavon Pierre / France | west / edition: 10]
L'Heure Bleue", between day and night, the conscious and the unconscious...the first bird song appear.... Early lights, perfumes and colors...
Naked Eye
[Ajavon Pierre / France | west / edition: 10]
In order to "film the sound" and to turn the sounds into images, "Naked eye" confronts our vision to the opacity of fantasy.
Under this Organ Made of Light
[Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn / Thailand | east / edition: 10]
Imbued in mystery of water, Under this Organ Made of Light indirectly articulates the space-time of 21st century, where space liquidates from physic to psychic and time oscillates in state of entropic. History becomes wave of light, decoded from set of numbers : 01011011 : a sine wave which moves back and forth in the buried optic cables between ... [read more]
Rastezanje svakodnevnice / Stretching of Daily Life
[Nenad Nedeljkov / Serbia and Montenegro | west / edition: 10]
This video is a product of contemplation on simple human actions in public space, whether it concerns people in movement or not. Through the process, I have established the connection and simultaneity among any of these actions, as well as unity within each individual action. This specific kind of collage need to provide a new sight on our ... [read more]
Language Product
[Furen Dai / China | east / edition: 10]
Furen Dai's video work begin with her research on a Secret Women Language called NvShu, which was originated and developed as a secret code among women in Hunan Province, China. Through research she discovered that though the language has lost its functionality, women who know the language have been pressured into performing their cultural ... [read more]
[Eduardo Herrera / Argentina / edition: 10]
icàsticaCHAIR describes my own reality (conscious and unconscious one) through the “chair” object, the chair allows me to talk about solitude, abbandone, emptiness, sorrow…and at the same time, it can create new dimensions of my inner world. The places become oniric images of the real world, real places and spaces that show new ... [read more]
[Eduardo Herrera / Argentina | west / edition: 10]
XXXLITANIE tries to explain and describe my inner world through the “chair” object, as I’ve always made in my videos. In this specific case, I use all the images and landscapes to create a sort of prayer…where I can show the places where I live, I love and I see most in my everyday’s life. Places from abroad and near the place I live. ... [read more]
Mundus Patet
[Eduardo Herrera / Argentina | west / edition: 10]
Mundus Patet, tries to describe the ancient celtic/etruscan/roman ritual, 3 days in the year in which the upper world and the downunder world could be connected due to it's main door finally opened. Technically I've let the traces of the original program I used in order to show the 2 faces of the video making. I usually use the "chair" ... [read more]
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