10th edition | 2016/2017
The news
TransPiksel Festival de arte electrónico y tecnologías libres
Con muestras artísticas, talleres y conciertos, desde el 24 al 31 de agosto, el Festival PIKSEL se instala en Medellín, para redefinir, intercambiar y compartir los valores de libertad, enfoque y apertura sobre el arte y el uso abierto de las tecnologías. Con la presencia de artistas y desarrolladores internacionales, el Festival Piksel llega ... [read more]

Prelude: A Preview to Aurora 2017
Every other year, Aurora, powered by Reliant, transforms the Dallas Arts District into an open air, urban playground of new media art: light, video, sound, performance, and projection. In 2015, Aurora attracted over 50,000 attendees to the free event, with a confluence of 80 local and international artists participating in Aurora. The result is ... [read more]

Animated Dreams 2016
The Animated Dreams 2016 animation festival will be taking place from 13th to 17th of November 2016 and will comprise: • an international competition programme of short and half-length films; • special programmes and retrospectives; • a programme of full-length animated films; Films meeting the festival requirements must: • be ... [read more]

Meet Clau Murra
Short, fun and playful – her videos have traveled all over and rejoiced kids and teenagers across the world. Spotted by a creative agency, they identified a business opportunity for Clau’s artwork to inspire and entertain. Clau Murra is a 27-year old autodidact from Torreón in Mexico. She never took a single art class and only learned about ... [read more]

Photo Docks Art Fair 2016
Dedicated to contemporary photography and video art, Photo Docks Art Fair launches its eighth edition on the 16 September with its private view. Established in 2007, the event provides a platform for collectors, gallerists, artists and enthusiasts to meet and discuss themes within today’s art world. Every odd year, the fair stages a solo show, ... [read more]

Shedding Light
Co-Presented by Aurora Picture Show and The Menil Collection Wednesday, September 7, 7:30pm Aurora Picture Show 2442 Bartlett Street Houston, TX 77098 In conjunction with the exhibition of Andy Warhol’s film,Sunset, Aurora Picture Show and The Menil Collection co-present this special program featuring a selection of rarely-seen historic and ... [read more]

Spatial Bodies by AUJIK
Japanese AUJIK are constructed as an esoteric sect who believes in animism and worships nature. The video “Spatial Bodies” imagines the Osaka urban landscape coming alive. Using 3D meshes, AUJIK distorts buildings into self-replicating organisms. “Spatial Bodies” depicts the urban landscape and architectural bodies as an autonomous ... [read more]
Convocatoria Abierta
Hoy en día urge la necesidad de crear exposiciones de arte responsables. Pero, ¿cómo hacer visible el carácter de lo responsable en una muestra? ¿Sobre quién recae estar responsabilidad? ¿Responsables los actores que organizan o hacen el arte visible? ¿Responsable la institución que lo sustenta? ¿O acaso el público? Nuestro día a ... [read more]

Sophia Al-Maria: Black Friday
For her first solo exhibition in the United States, Sophia Al-Maria (b. 1983) debuts a new video and installation. For nearly a decade, Al-Maria has been finding ways to describe twenty-first-century life in the Gulf Arab nations through art, writing, and filmmaking. She coined the term "Gulf Futurism" to explain the stunning urban and economic ... [read more]

LVA 40
2016 marks both the 50th anniversary of the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative (LFMC) and the 40th anniversary of London Video Arts (LVA) – two predecessor organisations of LUX. To celebrate 50 years of artists’ moving image practice in the UK, LUX has organised a year-long, multi-venue programme of screenings, talks, workshops, publications ... [read more]

Vidivit Art Summer Night
Celebrate the end of summer holidays at a launch full of video art! Oh and almost forgot Ltziin- no cost (including drinks and refreshments) The new hotel NYX and company Vidivit video art invite you to celebrate with us on the roof of a hotel in a different atmosphere ... 25/08/2016 Wednesday 19:30 gathering on the roof of the hotel, ... [read more]
Interview: Kathryn Elkin
Artist Kathryn Elkin discusses her new solo show Television, improvised videos and rounding off the Parkinson stuff Written by: Laura Campbell Kathryn Elkin fuses the personal with pop culture to create self-reflexive, often absurd, video art. Her latest exhibition Television brings new and older works together to explore her practice's ... [read more]

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