10th edition | 2016/2017
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Bill Viola
From 10 March to 23 July 2017 the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi will be introducing the Florentine public to Bill Viola, a significant exhibition celebrating this unchallenged master of video art, presenting works that span his long career, and which resonate with the architecture of Palazzo Strozzi. In order to create a unique experience, the ... [read more]

Video Art: Computers extend our brains?
Zimbabwe’s contemporary art scene has been characterised by a dynamic list of exceptional artists whose aesthetic innovation and conceptual profundity has made waves both locally and internationally. Using sculpture and painting Zimbabwean artists like Sylvester Mubayi, Tafuma Gutsa, Gareth Nyandoro, Virginia Chihota, Mercy Moyo and many ... [read more]

Festival International d'Arts Numériques >> Digital Lounge >> Compétition Internationale et prix VIDEOFORMES 2017 >> Programmes Focus >> Performances et rencontres >> Table ronde EXPOSITIONS // 15/03 > 01/04 (sauf musée Bargoin) - Galerie de l’art du temps / Chapelle de l’Oratoire, 14 rue de l’Oratoire - Salle Gaillard, 2 rue ... [read more]

Jason Miller
In the same way a guitarist takes the squealing feedback of a guitar and incorporates it into his music, Jason Miller uses video feedback, color mistakes, warped pictures and ambient sounds to create surreal CRT landscapes, often coupling them with an ambient soundtrack of his own creation. Miller achieves his video art through the use of ... [read more]
13th Athens Digital Arts Festival
18 - 21 May, 2017 #PostFuture Can you imagine the Future? The future as seen from the past and the past as seen from the future The elusive transition of digital culture is shaping a future ‘beyond digital’, where the physical and the digital are merging. In the late 90’s Negroponte stated that “the digital revolution is over”. ... [read more]

Iceland’s selkie myth gets a makover by video artist
Early one morning in an Icelandic fishing village a man went for a walk along the seashore and came across a cave. From inside the cave he heard singing and dancing, while at the cave’s mouth he saw many seal skins. He took one of the skins home and locked it in a chest. The next day the man went back to the cave and there he saw a naked young ... [read more]

THE 12TH MONTRÉAL UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL REGISTRATION GUIDELINES DEADLINE February 14th, 2017 Late registration deadline: Late registration deadline: February 28th For late registration, fees apply: $15 (Canadian) payable by PAYPAL: info@muff514.com ELIGIBILITY Independent productions accepted only Films produced, financed, or ... [read more]

Filmmakers dive into MOCA
Students of the Video Art I, II and III classes visited The Geffen Contemporary building at The Museum of Contemporary Art to visit artist Doug Aitken’s “Electric Earth” exhibit Jan. 6. The exhibit showcased multiple forms of art such as video art, photography and sculpture. The focus of the pieces was centered around nature’s ... [read more]

TIME is Love
Filmvorführung Fr, 20.01.2017 18:00, ZKM_Medientheater Kosten: 10/7 € (ggf. zzgl Geb.) Seit der Gründung 2008 durch Kurator Kisito Assangni besucht das »TIME is Love Screening« die Großstädte dieser Welt und erforscht dabei das Thema Liebe in schweren Zeiten mit einem jährlich wechselnden neuen Blick auf die Videokunst. »TIME is ... [read more]

The Core Project
An international Art Project is seeking participants around the world to become part of a global art experiment. The Core Project is a contemporary visual art project, led by Artist/Curator Matthew Nevin. The project will feature 200+ Videos; that will be showcased online, through an experimental film, and in a large scale installation in ... [read more]

Nam June Paik 10th Anniversary Retrospective
Nam June Paik (1932 - 2006) Is The Greatest Artist Of The 20th Century Known As The "Father Of Video Art". After Graduating From The University Of Tokyo, He Went To Germany To Study Contemporary Music And Later Joined The International Art Movement "Fluxus" Through His Encounter With George Maciunas And Joseph Beuys. In 1963 He Presented The ... [read more]

Videoex 2017
Call for Entries 2017 International & Swiss competition Deadline: January 30th 2017 Rules Basic rules for entering your works into the international or Swiss competition: As is its purpose the festival promotes experimental video and film works. Narrative films and pure documentaries likely will not be accepted. Only works produced after ... [read more]

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