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The art machine
[Fran Orallo / Spain - edition: 10]
The art machine. Satire on contemporary artistic production. For this I rely on one of the most representatives artist of S.XX, maximum exponent of Spanish art, Picasso, using his life and work collected in one of his books. This book I am producing with my mouth, as if it were a machine, a machine to produce art, culture.
[John C. Kelley / United States - edition: 11]
Through brief conversations with an adaptive chatbot, a professor sees more clearly his own creativity and depression in this animated short. "GUSTER" is based on actual messages and poetry written by the titular app.
Portrait 112, Vincenzo Pasquariello, pianist and actor
[Matilde Gagliardo / Italy - edition: 10]
The portrait of Vincenzo Pasquariello, pianist and actor, was shot on the 3rd of March 2016, at Teatro Biondo, Palermo (Italy), just before the dress rehearsal of “Minetti: A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man” by Thomas Bernhard, directed by Roberto Andò. It is part of a series of ‘silent’ film Portraits, shot in real time from 2005 ... [read more]
From Tuscany, from Moravian Slovakia or from off Palouse?
[Vladimír Vašíček / Czech Republic - edition: 10]
Three parralel videos used for the Festival 2016 / 2017 are describing relation between visual and audible more generally. At the same time, they invite in triplet of landscapes that are reciprocally far away however they are very analogous – Tuscany (I), Moravian Slovakia (CZ) and Palouse (US). Within many local sceneries only native music is ... [read more]
[Kostas Makrinos / Greece - edition: 11]
An unconscious representation by pixels.
[Alex Morelli / United States - edition: 11]
During a trip to Italy, a relationship falters. A revisionist travelogue unearthed from neorealist landscapes.
[Anthoniy Val / France - edition: 10]
How does the internal body manifest itself on the form of flesh that hides it? How does it exteriorize itself? How do all the micro-movements come deform the whole, break the form? Then, what is the link between interior and exterior, between inside and outside? What could be the negative versus the positive?
Esperando Gordao
[Thiago B. Mendonca / Brazil - edition: 10]
Kidnapping Samuel Beckett
[Francesca Fini / Italy - edition: 11]
SKINNED written, directed and animated by Francesca Fini music by Pandacetamol (freemusicarchive.com) A Dadaist collage that plays on the concept of identity, elaborated through impossible selfies taken by the protagonists of famous masterpieces in the history of portraiture and self-portrait. What is hidden under the skin, skinned by the ... [read more]
Portrait 126, Isabella Hammad, writer
[Matilde Gagliardo / Italy - edition: 10]
The portrait of Isabella Hammad, writer, was shot on the 10th of November 2016, at the Santa Maddalena Foundation (Donnini, Reggello, Florence, Italy), where she was a guest. It is part of a series of ‘silent’ film Portraits, shot in real time from 2005 to date. I ask people of different ages and professions, to pose for about ten minutes ... [read more]
Première Aube
[Aurelien Dupuis / Belgium - edition: 10]
In the sound of images, the universe takes shape; the offering of time leaves us quiet facing the possibility of capturing the light of a distant past.
[John Sanborn / United States - edition: 10]
Tassel | The Living Earth Show | Post:Ballet Tassel is a work of media invention, created using video editing to produce an otherworldly view of movement and physical impulse that projects what the musicians see and feel as they provide accompaniment to dance. Inspired by the evening length collaboration between The Living Earth Show ... [read more]
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