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Eden: 4’33”
[Robert Ladislas Derr / United States - edition: 11]
The viewer's ambient sound creates the audio for this disciplined action performed at Black Mountain College.
Express yourself
[Robert Ladislas Derr / United States - edition: 11]
In recognition of Emoji Day, I express myself.
Out to lunch
[Matteo Campulla / Italy - edition: 11]
"OUT TO LUNCH" is based on the concept of the fourth wall, that invisible wall that separates the reality in which the spectator lives from the fiction in which the show takes place. In an action based on the everyday and the certainty of its rules, the spectator and the protagonist will face the breaking of this wall, making anything valid. ... [read more]
Empire - a sad story about civilization
[Matteo Campulla / Italy - edition: 11]
The concept beyond "EMPIRE" is inspired by the construction of the first seven plans building in Assemini in the second half of the 60s, nicknamed by many at that time "the skyscraper", built on the edge of a popular neighborhood. A district, called "Montelepre", as the homonym Sicilian country that gave birth to the bandit Salvatore Giuliano, ... [read more]
Tornado seed - in three acts, with waveform variation and space ride
[Brian Miller / United States - edition: 11]
For your measurement enjoyment, parabolas and vectors are on display here. An analysis of action, seeking accurate mathematical forms. Known for enjoying still pictures, Mr. Miller uses just one still photograph in the video. Many layers of action are captured with this velocity technique.
Electri-City #4 (Reprise)
[Alessandro Fara / Italy - edition: 11]
ELECTRI-CITY is a project in continuous phase of realization that tries to investigate, through viedeo, photography and installation, the relationship between natural and artificial, between spiritual and rational, identifying electricity as a fundamental element and point of contact among these concepts. If at the dawn of humanity the electrical ... [read more]
Pay attention or go away
[Alessandro Fara / Italy - edition: 11]
'PAY ATTENTION OR GO AWAY' is a site-specific installation reasoned specifically to disturb the public, demanding the latter its utmost attention, concentration and endurance in order to be enjoyed. It is a work for the public and at the same time against it, it is a challenge to suffer to enjoy the artistic "show", to communicate the profound ... [read more]
Petkutin and Kalina
[Pavlina Braco / Bosnia and Herzegovina - edition: 11]
Inspired by the uncanny in Milorad Pavic's writing that reconciles the former and the imminent, this experimental piece revives a memory of a bad dream that one can not piece together chronologically, a mosaic that does not provide a sensation of time as a linear experience. The perception of traumatizing events embedded in what is supposed to be ... [read more]
Fingering the drift
[Laurel Beckman / United States - edition: 11]
Against a backdrop of 3 billion years of speculative Continental drift- past, present and future, missiles from 5 fingers aim to shape the planet. Weapons of spirit as much as matter, the ring, smoke, teacup, torpedo/dildo, and thumbs up/down die, are timeless influencers inside us all, reckoning with change and trust across the ... [read more]
Little West
[Laurel Beckman / United States - edition: 11]
An elliptic journey through the mythologies of good and bad through the celebrated bodies and personas of Adam West (as Batman) and Mae West, themselves cast as avatars for the vantage of a small, ‘little’ west found on a traffic island off the 101 freeway in California. Long associated with expansion, optimism, progress and experimentation, ... [read more]
Big West
[Laurel Beckman / United States - edition: 11]
A figurative and frequently actual abstract meditation on lines, curbs, street gangs, and the self-satisfaction of western idealism and productivity. An expansive desert, basketball, eccentric team/gang members, and the theater/film musical West Side Story all appear, as does inadequate allusion to bias, thus prejudice, and bullying through ... [read more]
Moon (for Alan)
[Laurel Beckman / United States - edition: 11]
An abstract tribute to Alan Turing (1912 - 1954), British mathematician, computer scientist, cryptanalyst, philosopher, and gay icon. A pioneer of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence (A.I.), Turing was instrumental in breaking the German Enigma code, an elliptical language based encoder (in-out, out-in, repeat), leading to an ... [read more]
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