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The videos
My sweeter than sweet
[Jennifer Sharpe / United States / edition: 9]
A humorous video, inspired by thoughts during a subway ride, and by movies from the 1930s and their portrayal of female flirtatiousness, as seen through male eyes.
[Adrian Regnier Chavez / Mexico / edition: 9]
H. is a hybrid piece that integrates experimental stop motion animation, motion graphics, 3D animation and other resources to illustrate a clear reality: the international arms race as a phenomenon on the brink of detonation. With more than 30,000 atomic bombs on the face of Earth, together they have enough critical mass to not only to turn our ... [read more]
[Susan Williams / United Kingdom / edition: 9]
This video is intended to repeat continuously. It is derived from an orange tape water installation. The orange tape amplifies the waves moving across the water, capturing different rhythms and sensations. Associations include traveling, boats, Japanese Koi fish, riders, raiders, a storm, flying flags and flotsam and jetsam amongst others. ... [read more]
What's your name? What's your major? Do you have a boyfriend?
[Petra Lellakova / Czech Republic / edition: 9]
Video performance, real size projection (HD, 16:9) Gangnam station, Seoul. I become an object that is totally exposed to the crowd. I am standing in the middle of the station and my posture and blonde hair draw the attention of the passing people. At the end of the video, there is a change of the roles, in which the crowd becomes in the eyes of ... [read more]
Bleach formula
[Heejin Jang / United States / edition: 9]
What if the color of oranges were not orange, how do I call them? Are they still orange if they are bleached as white like snow?
[Susan Williams / United Kingdom / edition: 9]
This video is intended to repeat in an unending cycle. It is derived from an installation made from white flag tape (sometimes called warning tape or barrier tape), wind and the surrounding field. The tape is set up in parallel lines and anchored at each end and in the centre. The view from the front piles up the lines on top of one another ... [read more]
[Petra Lellakova / Vladimira Vecerova / Czech Republic / edition: 9]
MARMOTOUR is series of video performance in HD quality. The range of each video is 1920x1080. Final projections are projected in loop. Full video has the length of 05:55 min. The environment of the famous Carrara quarry, where the marble of the finest quality, used for centuries for making of the best Italian sculptures, became the main ... [read more]
In memoriam
[Martin Agostini Pregelj / Slovenia / edition: 9]
The idea was to present the life of the miners of Puit Couriot in Saint-Etienne, and the consequences, struggles and fears that such type of work left in their families.
I stay I remain
[Alejandra Bueno / Spain / edition: 9]
I have made a version of the video "study of state/state of study" that intends to tackle the stereotype of woman who is given to us by the mass media and is so strongly impregnated in our cultural imaginary . In this case, video art comes to facing the performer in a choreography that encompasses and dis-encompasses, creating an illusion of ... [read more]
La Bianca pelle del vello d'oro
[Marilena Vita / Italy / edition: 9]
The boat is coming off the Mediterranean. It approaches slowly the mainland and appears almost “gasping”, while she, the artist, goes on sewing, following the waves’ rhythm and looking like petrified. She lands on the cliff’s edge, has a look around, stands up and, at last, turns her gaze to the horizon. She’s carrying on an umbrella ... [read more]
Untitled (für Elise)
[Andrey Slaschilin / Russian Federation / edition: 9]
In this work I tried to compare masculine and feminine. The viewer can see something romantic happening against an austere masculine cityscape. The romantic scene melts away in the reflection of a falling neo-Gothic Stalin-era skyscraper. In this video I used music by Ludwig van Beethoven. In the left channel "Für Elise" is played by a man, ... [read more]
[Mauricio Saenz / Mexico / edition: 9]
“Ruins” exposes the idea of obstruction by means of a visible or invisible limit. Falling back on the memory of what came down as the representation of the future destruction of what now exists, this video reveals blockade through the concept of construction and the parallelisms found between erecting walls physically and the creation of ... [read more]
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