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[Eduardo Herrera / Argentina - edition: 10]
icàsticaCHAIR describes my own reality (conscious and unconscious one) through the “chair” object, the chair allows me to talk about solitude, abbandone, emptiness, sorrow…and at the same time, it can create new dimensions of my inner world. The places become oniric images of the real world, real places and spaces that show new ... [read more]
Stuck / Vlypla
[Serhiy Zlenko / Ukraine - edition: 11]
At a birthday party of a friend, she dedicates all her time to her smartphone. The birthday girl gets infuriated and the insulter gets her due - the smartphone sticks dead to her hand. It seems the phone will stay with her for the rest of her life.
Film loop 34: Ryoanji
[Michael Lyons / Japan - edition: 11]
Filmed in 16mm at the Ryoanji dry landscape garden (枯山水) in northwest Kyoto and hand-processed using powdered green tea (matcha). The soundtrack is an excerpt from 'Schianta e Brucia' by Stefano de Ponti and Elia Moretti. Images from the film loop series were used in studio during the recording of this track.
[Fran Orallo / Spain - edition: 10]
A metaphor of how sound affects our emotions
Inventory of time
[Khalil Charif / Brazil - edition: 11]
In a New York City subway journey, a sequence plan examines a social aspect, searching for a reflection about our new era of profound human and technological changes – and its challenges. A refracted reality changes the course of what we are not realizing or giving enough attention.
Song of Myself / What's Wrong with You
[Larsen Rasmussen / United States - edition: 11]
The pace of commercial culture is speeding up and the ability of marketers to target messages at individuals is intensifying. However, the rhythms on which human culture is based – the daily rising and setting of the sun and the yearly path of the earth around the sun – remain. As we seemingly head toward crises of meaning, of social cohesion ... [read more]
Moonage daydream #27
[Pierre Ajavon / France - edition: 11]
"Moonage Daydream #27" is a psychedelic and aesthetic reverie - the mind wanders through the soundscape, reminiscences and apparitions. A cosmic dream, floating in weightlessness in the middle of moving organic forms with dynamic colors. The electronic music played with a Moog modular synthesizer is also composed to match the visuals.
The origin of stones
[Mauricio Saenz / Mexico - edition: 10]
“The origin of stones” questions the ideals of the past and their validity in the present through the decay and fall of monuments built to preserve a historic memory. With a text based on a debate that puts in doubt the efficiency of a scale used to document the proportion and appearance of archaeological remains, this work looks to ruins as ... [read more]
[Alvaro Ardevol Arbues / Spain - edition: 10]
Abstract composition of image and sound combined.
[Boris Marinin / Israel - edition: 10]
am calculating the ambivalence of a ponderous machine. Mentally reconstructing this ambience as art piece. Navigating the existence, digging for information. This is the ability to fluently communicate in conceptual sense with those things that are essentially beyond the reach of the five material senses. My art attempts to discern the ... [read more]
[Michel Pavlou / Norway - edition: 11]
A patchwork of football game scenes at a rhythm of a waltz As long as the ball remains elusive, the bodies fuse together in adversity, become an extension of each other and the harsh duels between the players, turn out to be tender, unrehearsed, lightning choreographies.
Adam dance
[Jean-Francois Réveillard / Switzerland - edition: 11]
Birth of Adam inside primordial soup of universe. A few billionths of a second after the Big Bang, the universe was made up of a kind of extremely hot and dense primordial soup of the most fundamental particles, especially quarks and gluons.It is a fundamental aspect to the heterotrophic theory of the origin of life, first proposed by ... [read more]
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