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The ice song - ferrie = differentieel [edition: 8 / Netherlands]

The original idea (dec 2011) of The Ice Song was to make a song for an art installation about cold and warmth. Only the cold stayed specially the Inuit Throat-Singing from Canada while we lost the warmth during the process. In the beginning there was only the music. Then Rian wrote the poem for this project and Robbert used his voice to give the text its power. For the video images I already knew that I should ask Ben to do the editing. On one of my visits at his home I saw these images and that completed my project. But not without the titling done by Jöran Maaswinkel. I am very happy with the result of this project and I like to thank all friends for their patience and efforts. Hope you enjoy the story idea, direction and soundtrack - ferrie = differentieel at audio.dailym.net camera and editing - Ben at vimeo.com/benvideos poem - Rian van Nieuwkerk at galerian.nl voice - Robbert Baruch at facebook.com/rbaruch titles - Jöran Maaswinkel at dailym.net special thanks to Steven Harlow and Jimmy the Peach 2011 - 2012 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0