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San Nepomuceno
[Emanuele Dainotti / Italy - edition: 11]
San Nepomuceno was a city located on the west shore of the Ticino river. During a night a guy fell down from the sky. Concept The film is composed by one long take, the final perfectly coincides with the beginning. You can loop it and make it infinite. The main reference for this artwork are the aphorisms of Emil Cioran and his works on the ... [read more]
TEU vol 1
[Luce Grosjean / France - edition: 11]
The logistics of containerization is so complex, that when seen from afar it could be an organism of its own. An organism that is shaping the world as we know it and whose sense of purpose is proportional to man’s fascination of growth and consumption.
Première Aube
[Aurelien Dupuis / Belgium - edition: 10]
In the sound of images, the universe takes shape; the offering of time leaves us quiet facing the possibility of capturing the light of a distant past.
Ignoranza del piacere
[Luca Falorni / Italy - edition: 10]
A trip sore and out of the schemes in Milan during the Expo . Obsession as a work of contemporary art intentionally ambiguous and irreverent ; as a guide imaginary map that was made for the blind . All under the shield of the inverted quotation of a book of The Big Lombard '900.
[Adrián Regnier / Mexico - edition: 11]
Y. is humanity's true pulse, as described by a heart of thirty nuclear bombs, yet only one beating. In its soft waltz, the impulse for creation and destruction follow one another, and in their uncanny rhythm, all worries are swept away.
Before the eyes
[Simon Šerc & Martina Testen / Slovenia - edition: 11]
Sometimes he didn’t know whether this image was the result of his reasoning from the long-term observations of events or a terrible magnification of his own inner self. (Vladimir Bartol) The premonition of spore power and fragility of giants creates a feeling of weakness and a fear of being trapped into multilayered systems. The stringing of ... [read more]
[Jerónimo Veroa / Argentina - edition: 11]
foams 2´ 25´´ in loop mono-channel video, stereo Two distant coasts, one present. The drawing of the foam on the shore. The Memory of the past that the sea entails in its matter. A shadow that lingers in the instant. And the Real, which is always elsewhere.
Temperate waters
[Viktoria Martin / Argentina - edition: 11]
Temperate Waters inhabits an in-place. Between abstraction and representation, gothic and classic, analog and digital. Images that hybridize to the rhythm of synesthesia. A film as a plastic, poetic experience. Super 8mm filmic support intervened with enamels, inks, acrylics and scratches. Scanned and then edited with the sound design.
The sunken island
[Inés Wickmann / France - edition: 11]
A depopulated territory where live birds no flight. Enigmatic signs and graphics in an inventory of traces and secret writings that highlight absences. The remains of a fountain and its columns murmur the sinking of the lands and their grimoire.
[Pezhmann Mokary / Denmark - edition: 11]
A lone lady in her big house and sweet memories of the past could be overwhelming when the remnant of her life are just voices in the walls.
[Uriel Jaouen Zrehen / France - edition: 10]
Vika just missed her casting, the beginning of an awareness?
[Hamza Kirbas / Turkey - edition: 11]
Since the beginning of history, it is impossible to ignore the existence of a power that, besides the adventure of life of mankind, is all together with us, is constantly changing, brings benefits from time to time, has been created by man and has always existed. This power is the concept of ‘powerism’ The concept of power, depending on the ... [read more]
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