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[Nelton Pellenz / Brazil - edition: 10]
In 'Atlantic', the water is associated with life. Here, the human epic occurs in a mild form and at the same time, tense, with passages marked by the apparition, by adhesion; no barriers, no frontiers. The work can be understood by the bias of the desires and expectations that generate offsets, propelling people into the unknown. In times of ... [read more]
The Omen
[Clément Roy / France - edition: 11]
Once upon a time, three friends live in joy by the ocean, until the day an asteroid falls down on earth, burning forests, creating a tsunami, waking up a volcano, and opening the crevice of a terrible dragon.
Leave sth in your wake
[David Anthony Sant / Australia - edition: 10]
As the wave of demolition and construction continues its unrelenting sweep across Sydney, its population, wise to the shenanigans of politicians and developers, knows too well that this physical transformation is the measure of a society increasingly polarised racially, religiously and economically. To stake a claim in the midst of change is to ... [read more]
Underwater Desert
[Maria Korporal / Germany - edition: 10]
The Pacific Ocean has already received around 800 tons of radioactive material from the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant, under the silence of the media. If the soul is a flame, how many candles should light up the oceans where nuclear waste is killing all living creatures? „There is a silence where hath been no sound, There is a ... [read more]
Mare Mediterraneum
[Markus Keim+Beate Hecher / Austria - edition: 10]
According to estimations by international organizations, more than 3.500 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea on their flight to Europe in the year 2015.The real number is probably significantly higher. "mare mediterraneum" is a experimental-documentary in seven chapters about the escape route of refugees over the Mediterranean Sea. ... [read more]
Ignoranza del piacere
[Luca Falorni / Italy - edition: 10]
A trip sore and out of the schemes in Milan during the Expo . Obsession as a work of contemporary art intentionally ambiguous and irreverent ; as a guide imaginary map that was made for the blind . All under the shield of the inverted quotation of a book of The Big Lombard '900.
Casa iceberg
[Mauricio Saenz / Mexico - edition: 10]
“Casa iceberg” explores the idea of displacement, both physical and mental, as a result of longing a renovated perspective on one’s existence. The social isolation produced by a specific place evokes the need for movement and transformation to a territory that could revert such condition. This alludes to the allegory of a ship with the ... [read more]
Moscow Spontaneous Dance Transformation
[Aleksandr Chernov / Russian Federation - edition: 10]
My interpretation of this video "For a long time, I have always been fascinated watching people dance. Each person is unique in his nature. He does not have copies of the same movements in nature. Every dance has its own charisma. I tried to fix it unimportantly on the camcorder or even on the camera phone Those moments in different stops, ... [read more]
[Tahir Ün / Turkey - edition: 10]
The some of the visitors pose traditionally in front of the beautiful landscape at the edge of a cliff and their humanly expressions are worth seeing. They are intimate with each other like destruction of their existence. I observed silently this event. Finally, for the stronger message, they were stylized and isolated from the spatial ... [read more]
The art machine
[Fran Orallo / Spain - edition: 10]
The art machine. Satire on contemporary artistic production. For this I rely on one of the most representatives artist of S.XX, maximum exponent of Spanish art, Picasso, using his life and work collected in one of his books. This book I am producing with my mouth, as if it were a machine, a machine to produce art, culture.
[Florent Schwartz / Taiwan - edition: 10]
After World War II, the general Chang Kai-Chek founded the actual Republic of China on the island of Taiwan, where he established a real cult of personality. But on February 28, 1947, the island was facing an anti-government uprising. The general replied by a violent repression, which took the lives of more than ten thousand citizens. The ... [read more]
[Odermatt Thaïs / Germany/Switzerland - edition: 10]
When does coincidence in every human beings life begin? An essayistic reflection on the meaning of “coincidence".
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