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Alberto Nacci [Italy] - 7th edition

written and directed by Alberto Nacci

music by Adelio Leoni

with the collaboration of the Paralympic Athletes
Rudi Cadei
Mario Esposito
Annalisa Minetti
Lorenzo Schieda
Stefano Villa

video footage shot at Bergamo University Sports Centre
(July-September 2011)

endoscopic shooting at Endoscopy Department of San Pietro Hospital Ponte San Pietro (BG) Italy

audio/video production, editing and mastering by
Alberto Nacci/ajpstudio

fibre optic lighting system produced for ajpstudio by


THE PERFECT MACHINE is an exploration, a journey into the amazing device of human life and its endless resources. From the mechanisms of fitness machines to the muscular fibres of an athlete, Alberto Nacci’s lens tracks the dynamics of sport and captures the very essence of motion. The movements of the training machines and the efforts of the body alternate and resonate in spellbinding rhythm - an exciting challenge between mechanical tool and “biological machine”.
This six-and-a-half minute film is an intense dialogue between the functional mechanisms of the body and those of the artificial trainers. It is a journey inside and beyond our “living device”, a trip through the mental and physical potential of the being and of the person, that perfectly transcends a person’s drawbacks and disadvantaged conditions.
Nacci’s work is an essay of profound human depth with exceptional sports-related value. The exceptional stories it tells are underlined and enhanced by the director’s refined artistic sensitiveness in his choices of lighting and sounds - a work of rare evocative force.


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