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The video: 'COG'

Colette Copeland [United States] - 11th edition
Produced & Directed by Colette Copeland
Filmed by Richard Bailey
Original Music Composed & Performed by Dallin B. Peacock
Edited by Richard Bailey & Colette Copeland
Starring Adam George & Colette Copeland as COG

The work is inspired by a Victorian female couple who were collaborative authors and lovers. Contemporaries of Robert Browning and Oscar Wilde, the two were known and published under the same name Michael Field. Our video pays homage to their life and their spirit of oneness.

Filmed in the sand dunes of West Texas, the location is symbolic of the ever shifting landscape of relationships. In part 1, the couple collectively known as COG struggle to become one. In part two, the elderly COG return to the dunes as they prepare to die.

The title/name COG references the words cognito, incognito, cognitive, cog in the machine, as well as the acronym of our names Copeland or George.

Premiered at Deep Trash Romance in London January 2018. Official Selection of Cefalu Film Festival 2018 (Italy), Bear Tooth Short Film Festival (Anchorage, Alaska) 2018, Concept 2018 at CICA Museum in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (2018), Official Selection of Oregon Cinema Arts Festival (2018), Honorable Mention in Los Angeles Underground Film Forum (2018), Official Selection of OGA Video Art Exhibitions in Rome, Italy (2018)


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