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The video: 'AN ARTIST'

Nalin Kumar [India] - 11th edition
An artist in the middle of a drowning career is desperate to get some work. Mr.Cherkady mostly a loner had rented an apartment. In a sudden development, he finds some creative work from WHO(world health organization). The offer involved creation of paintings depicting health issues that may arise due to smoking. This offer also demanded that he quit smoking first. Mr.Cherkady, being a chain smoker himself has a challenge in front of him now. He decides to quit smoking while having a last drag before going to bed.

Life is like an unfinished painting. One can decide on something but for that to happen is another phenomenon altogether. It turns out that the cigarette he had smoked the night before wasn’t disposed properly in the ashtray and as a result of that negligence, all his paintings and other infrastructure in his drawing room are burnt to ashes. When he finds out that there isn’t anything left un burnt in his room, the next morning, he is totally disappointed about it. Although he is pushed towards quitting the habit, but his strong addiction makes him think quitting smoking is not the answer. This is how addiction plays with our thought process.

This is a film about dilemma of an artist, who decide to quit his addiction when he gets a project from world Health Organization which demands him to quit but at the end he couldn't. Control your addiction, never let your addiction control you.

Director Biography - Nalin Kumar H


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