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The video: 'POWERISM'

Hamza Kırbas [Turkey] - 11th edition
Since the beginning of history, it is impossible to ignore the existence of a power that, besides the adventure of life of mankind, is all together with us, is constantly changing, brings benefits from time to time, has been created by man and has always existed. This power is the concept of ‘powerism’ The concept of power, depending on the philosophies developed in many different periods, is a reality that will never disappear even if it changes form. The power, chiefly the chieftain of the early ages, is an invisible but much larger power today. This power is aware of every development in the world and is even the creator and observer of these developments.

In this study, the artist bases the concept of ‘powerism’ on the metaphor of a street play played by children. In the content of the game children play that they are growing up and have a say. Foucault evaluates the changing understanding of power of our time with the Panopticon metaphor, a designed structure. this study was discussed in the context of various visual indicators produced by sociologists such as Foucault, Althusser.


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