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The video: 'DESANIDO'

Ian Geike [Brazil] - 10th edition
LOGLINE: As the birds unwind from our arms, our bodies are moved outward like empty shells, as if visited, inhabited, controlled by flows of energy in continuum with their surroundings, forming a single landscape, at once devastating and welcoming, from distortion to transformation.

CONCEPT: DESANIDO was created during a creative immersion of six days in the coast of South Atlantis, in Rio Grande do Sul. Bodies multiply and develop in a rich variety of textures and mosaics in movement, a vortex of life and energy that culminates in a Warning to the face of the desert. The sonorities are created from the experience of the movement, by sound waves practically imperceptible to the human ear.
A composition in which, in addition to skins, wood, leaves and metal, the subtle presence of the ground covered with small branches, like in a nest, among the remains of construction material, pruning, paint cans, insecticides, sofas, shattered toys and televisions. Human action in nature causes death of animals of various marine species, such as birds, reptiles and marine mammals on the coast of RS. There were 8.550 animals killed in four years. Among them, 7.587 birds.
The work is part of the NIDO video-dance compilation, which houses the desire to expand the understanding and experience of dance improvisation as performance, in order to allow open ended experiments and create questions. In this model of hybrid thought processes, a boundary zone is created by spontaneous decision-making, which includes the incorporation of failures, strange dances and work on images, energies and sound.


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