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The video: 'REāLITāTEM'

Lina Pulido Barragán - Andrés Stepanichtchev (Reactante Collective) [Colombia] - 10th edition
Survival of human beings is conditioned by a series of routines created upon a present reality, which is configured according to a social context. As an immediate result, everyday nature adopts an intrinsic value for a personal and collective existence. Getting used to living in a reality under certain practices during long periods of time arises in the beings a sensation of continuous unease, leading to a need for finding new perspectives to inhabit such states. As a collective immersed in ordinary environments under trascendental individual experiences, it is worth asking how to configurate new realities.

Taking as a basis mutable premises, we manifest a distortion of reality as an action creator of imaginaries that allow habit-breaking. Such new realities are conceived in the limbo of visual and mental perception, where interaction is likely to be not fully tangible but totally undeniable. Bearing in mind the nature of technological immediacy, we perform an excercise of differenciation in which mobile phone is used as a primary tool, participant of a non-planned process for the creation of contexts. Our objective is to record that first moment of the reality in which perception is dislocated.

Images that are captured and visualized by such "natural" actions do not involve any edition, which reflects greater sensitive states that embellish reality, in comparison to the recurring "manipulative" methods.


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