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Aoi Swimming (music), Mikio Saito (video) [Japan] - 10th edition
This is a music video of Aoi Swimming, a singer-song-writer from Tokyo, which was shot at "betel nut kiosk" in Taiwan during her artist in residency period in 2016. Betel nut is popular for chewing in Taiwan and South Asia for thousands of years. In the 90s, betel nut was mass-produced by national policy and sold by a young woman wearing revealing clothing (they were called "Betel nut beauties") in a highly decorated glass box kiosk along the main street. They look like a prostitute, but actually not. They just follow the success of the marketing strategy of the first "glass box" beet nut shop.

But in recent years, because planting betel nut trees cause problems with soil, and chewing betel nut enhance the potential to cause cancer, its production was decreased and the number of betel nut kiosk was decreased. (Also "Betel nut beauties" wearing over-revealing clothes don't exist anymore, because they were prohibited by the government)

However, many betel nut kiosk still exist in Taiwan, and many long-distance drivers and blue-collar workers buying them. They also sell beer, water and cigarettes like a convenience-store or kiosk, but the big difference is the bright neon of outside and mysterious glass box. This is a characteristic point of beet nut shop only seen in Taiwan. The bright neon and glass box is very attractive and mysterious. Aoi Swimming made a narrative song about a woman, who came from a small island in Taiwan to the city, and became a betel nut girl.


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