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Ruta Bauzyte - Jarosz [Lithuania] - 10th edition
By making video essays, video haiku and video fairy tales without an end I make something between poetry and painting/drawing, something between painting/drawing and video, something between old and new (from oil on canvas/markers on paper to digital art), ''telling'' stories by images instead of words, ''writing'' them on the screen instead on paper. Above is one of them.
This video could be categorized as A VIDEO FAIRY TALE WITHOUT AN END. Usually fairy tales without an end starts in the same point and words as ends and vice versa, therefore they can be repeated many times without an end. Equivalently the video "it was in black and white'' starts in the same images as it ends, the story without an end about "dancing" shoes, a story told in images instead of words...
Medium: my drawings (markers on paper), photography, digital graphics, video.


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