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The video: 'E11'

Vincenzo Giugliano [Italy] - 10th edition
Dear Magmart international video art Festival,

It's my great pleasure to send to you my first short film project, "E-11." I'm primarily a painter but I wanted to use the material of cinema instead of colors and brushes. This short film is a result of my way of working on canvas. Images and the possibilty to use images as words and shapes, have intrigued me since I was a child. This possibilty came from a bet with myself. That is to say, how it is to use images instead of painting materials, or instead of figures on canvas, the idea was to let these figures move in space--in which ways?

So I decided to take a part of one of my paintings and make it come alive--so that it represented humanity and the folly of some believers ready to follow anyone at anytime as possible. And I saw that it was the expression of loneliness and nonsense while at the same time, reality. So I decided to play the game between reality and its multiple faces.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions please let me know.

I hope that you enjoy it.

My best,
Vincenzo Giugliano


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