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The video: 'FOCãRIS'

Juan Alonso + Nicolás Rico [Colombia] - 10th edition
"Focaris" is a reflection on memory and cities. Taking pictures in Google SV of places I have inhabited along my life course, I built a series of cardboard mockups and on them we projected our houses, the homes in which I have dwelled (“focaris” means “home” in Latin).

Hence, this Project is about the deformation of memory but it is also a consideration about the memory of cities created by Google and its idea of a “new world” built by means of a technological device in which we can travel in our personal memory in a way similar to the way we travel in the memory of Google.

The Premiere of this video was at the INTERNATIONAL IMAGE FESTIVAL. XI MEDIA ART MONOGRAPHIC SHOW, at Los Fundadores Theatre, Manizales, Colombia, 2015.


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