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The video: 'TERRA!'

Citron | Lunardi [Italy] - 10th edition
The video suggests the boarding to a land of dreams, unfulfilled hopes and promises. It is not a reference to the migrations of peoples far away from us because we are all migrants: our human condition is by its nature migrant. The white statue represents all of us and the gold boats are our dreams of a better life, shared by all. This sharing of horizons can lead to a real change of perspective on the concepts of diversity, immigration and human rights. Furthermore Terra! exorcises the fear that diversity can destroy. The white statue is who does not accept diversity and is influenced by the fears generated by the media. The migrants become shining golden boats and a chance of new life if immigration is approached with a serious plan of action and not extemporary.Who is in fear instead remains motionless and with the vain and hypocritical hope of ending the phenomenon sooner or later, but if this continues will be buried also under the isothermal towel - but apparently protective - of clich├ęs.


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