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The video: 'HEALING IN ROME'

Laura Cristin [Italy] - 10th edition
“HEALing in Rome” is a first step of a recollection of “the imprinting of freedom” received/lived in January 1968 when Letizia Comba – the only psychologist/woman – in Basaglia's team in Gorizia accompanied me to Rome to attend my favourite program “Bandiera Gialla”. I was 13 yrs. old, more than 500 kilometers by train from the North East of Italy, OB-LA-DI', OB-LA-DA' was the song of the week! It was a landmark in my life. 48 yrs. later I made the same travel, to show to Letizia – who is not among us any more – how the seeds of love she gave to me have blossomed since. LOVE can HEAL, can be a wave that caresses, cuddles and supports us in difficult times/circumstances. Public in Rome were given dehydrated apples to participate in the cathartic action.
Credits: Performance by Laura Cristin in Rome c/o RO.MI on May 2nd 2016 at the opening of London Biennale (director David Medalla), curator Raffaella Losapio (Studio.ra), video taken by Adam Nankervis, music by Dario Della Rossa, editing Laura Cristin 2017.


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