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Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn [Thailand] - 10th edition
Imbued in mystery of water, Under this Organ Made of Light indirectly articulates the space-time of 21st century, where space liquidates from physic to psychic and time oscillates in state of entropic. History becomes wave of light, decoded from set of numbers : 01011011 : a sine wave which moves back and forth in the buried optic cables between –h: the past / 0: the present / h: the future. Architecture and landscape become a proxy space of information(1).
1 = Rise up: construction / 0= fall down: demolition, a shift from zero to one to zero in a speed of light. This acceleration in the constant change of landscape results in a new kind of space which resemble that of “seascape”: a shape shifting space which only reveals itself through time(2).
The wet space and fluid time generated through informatic-reality brings material amnesia: the materiality (material-reality) is abstracted from our reality of liquid light. The so called “free” information demands great deal of geological resource, which involves mining of rare earth, excavation of sea bed and planet pollution generates through elimination of electronic waste.
At the same time, the “eternal” cybernetic time contradicts to the reality of our bio-materialistic body, that is, the limited lifetime of human to process overwhelming amount of information(3). Under this Organ Made of Light touches on that limit of fluidity, a geological bankruptcy and eternal planetary debt without chance for “liquidation”

(1) Keller Easterling, Extrastatecraft Introduction (2015)
(2) Philip Steinberg, Wet Ontologies – Fluid Space, talk at Goldsmiths (February 2015)
(3) Franco Bifo Berardi, After the Future (2011)


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