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The video: 'YOU CANNOT'

Petra Lellakova / Vladimira Vecerova [Czech Republic] - 9th edition
YOU CANNNOT is series of video performance in HD quality. The dimension of each video is 1920x1080. There is no sound in the videos (only 2 of videos has short noise disturbance), no subtitles. Final videos are projected in loop. The full video has length 04:05 min.
Its aim is to focus more on the exposition to the environment, where the various actions take place, or to previously used requisites. We become two persons dressed in simple costumes. Our human proprieties recede in favour of playful ritualism of our conduct. These performances for the most time represent plain gesture, movement or displacement. A light motive of classical sculpture could be detected in the performances. This forms a background to various activities. We are inspired by canonic motives seen in the arts history, which is humorously with the sense for mild visual perceptions incorporated in situations undermining its inherent seriousness. We work with pictures, where our bodies interact with sculptures in strange machinery, not ruled by the gravitation. The pedestal, sculptures and out bodies stand in strong contrast to each other. We try to play with the spectator´s perspective and intentionally confuse him/her. Rather than stiff sculptures in the public space (subway, concrete kerbstone, underpass etc.), the main motive behind the performances is the invasion by strange characters. Which bring into the occupied space a mild conflict.


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