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The video: 'THE MOVING TOWN'

Alberto Nacci [Italy] - 7th edition
A picture for images, music and concrete sounds.
Orio al Serio (Bergamo - Italy) International Airport is like a... moving town in which passengers co-exist with space and time in the rare knowledge of living an in-between moment connecting the present and the future!
Sound represents the element which was used to create this piece. Sounds, produced by aircrafts, machinery for transporting luggage, other vehicles in the airport, or the mobile phones of passengers waiting for their flights... become the “engine” of a music composed by Alberto Nacci using the same tones and rhythms.
This background sound, which is further enriched by the Senegalese percussionist, Dudu Kwatech, represents the soundtrack over which Nacci’s alto sax “sings” to describe soft melodic lines which only in the final scene express all the required energy in order to... give flight to an idea: the idea of a reality that adapts and moves to follow the needs, desires, expectations... and dreams of people who are about to reach a different far-off destination where they will be greeted by another... moving town.


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