Lichtinstallation Video Art

25. septembre 2020
A fabulous experience in Sargans Castle - a light installation "Video Art" shows the original myth and its significance in the present.
A light installation invites visitors to a fabulous experience in Sargans Castle. Myths and legends projected onto the historic walls and the 900-year-old tower transform the place into a colorful play of light. The peculiar stories belong to the cultural heritage of the people and can only be guessed at, but not researched.
The artist Barbara Streiff has been searching for traces of the legends of the Alps for some time. She transforms these and their meaning into the present with video art. The mighty nature of the alpine world can be admired from the perspective of an eagle in the article "Alpenflug von ToniX". In contrast, the photographer Ruedi Kuchen depicts the patient waiting of nature on a microcosmic level in his video Passion.
The legends tell how the population dealt with the forces of nature. Everyone is invited to take part in the dialogue. A light installation as a total work of art with photos of different people includes the zeitgeist and openness to change. The presentation is expanded to include works by artists from various regions of the world, who bring in the myths of their respective places of origin. The dialogue between those involved and the audience strives to demonstrate what connects diversity and to pass on the light of hope.
Museum Sarganserland, Schloss, Schlossstrasse 7320 Sargans Schweiz



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