Mobile Projection Unit

Mobile Projection Unit Uses Portable A/V Equipment to Screen Video Art Everywhere From Silos to Under the Burnside Bridge
During the racial injustice protests, its work has taken on added meaning.
Sarah Turner knew she couldn’t keep her guerrilla screening project for herself.
“Once you gain access to these tools, it’s kind of irresponsible to hover over them yourself,” says Turner, who co-founded Mobile Projection Unit last year with Nanda D’Agostino, using portable audio-visual equipment to project video art around Portland. “I’m not going to use my projector every day for my artwork, so I might as well open it up to other people.”
Since Mobile Projection Unit was founded last year, Turner and D’Agostino have worked with other local artists to showcase their work in unexpected locations around the city, from a silo in the Eastside Industrial District to the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon on Southeast Division Street.
by Shannon Gormley
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