Cinematica VII

Cinematica VII
VII EDITION - 9/15 march 2020 - ANCONA (IT)
Cinematica is the international festival that deals specifcally with the image-movement relationship in the visual and performing arts. It is inspired by the concept of imàge-mouvement of the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze in order to investigate how this concept is present in different art forms to stimulate the "setting in motion" of the image and then of the imagination and perception of the viewer.
The festival, along with the programme that includes video and flm screenings, performances, exhibitions, installations and laboratories, wants to convey new trends in audiovisual and performance experimentations, with a strong focus on bodily and perceptual root.
The underlying theme of the ffth edition (mid-march in the adriatic seaport town of Ancona-IT) is “FANTASMAGORìE” suggesting a creative refection on the theme of corporeality in relation to imagination, invention, amazement caused by mastery of the technique in relation to human and nature. We are looking for works that bring the imagination of the viewer to other places and to territories of the fantastic where reality mixes with dreams and corporeality to wonder. The term "fantasmagorìe" indicates the juxtaposition of strongly contrasting images and is the title of the frst cartoon of the history. On this
theme, expressed with the utmost freedom, we collect artistic proposals for the 2020 edition of the Festival.
Artists of all ages and nationalities (including artists associated) in the different sections indicated below with a resume assets of at least three years of professional experience (post training).
We accept works that respond to the theme of the VII edition of Cinematica Festival in the following sections:
1. VIDEODANCE: works of video dance (no recordings of performances) of max 5 minutes duration. Please note for this section inscription only on Filmfreeway website
2. PERFORMANCE: - dance/theatre performance with innovative and poetic relationship between body and image (video or animated, even for children), body and new technologies
- public engaging performance (itinerant, site specifc or one to one)
- music performance, videomapping, dj set with struck, vivid and attentive work on visual and motion image
3. AUDIOVISUAL: audio and/or visual installation, digital art and V/R experience, videoart and experimental cinema
VIDEODANCE only on FILM FREEWAY > follow this link
PERFORMANCE and AUDIOVISUAL > fll the entry form in this link

Term of inscription 10 January 2020. Please be sure to have all the materials requested before sending the inscription.
The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated to selected artists.
> VIDEODANCE: a shortlist of video will be choosed by the organization and viewed during the days of the festival. The winner video will be awarded with a money prize by a jury of at least three experts. Other prizes will be given at the discretion of the organization.
> PERFORMANCE: projects selected by the organization will be included in the program in collaboration with the Festival partners.
Financial contribution to be assessed according to the project.
> AUDIOVISUAL: projects chosen by the organization and a curator will be displayed throughout the festival. We provide tech ride, travel expenses and hosting up to two people. Transport of the work by the artist.
Subjecting the work, the participant accepts that it can be presented at the Festival and that the material will be published on the festival website or given to the press for promotional purposes. It authorizes the Cinematica Festival and the organizing Association (Ventottozerosei) to store the material and make it available through the Festival web site. All images rights of the project will remain to the artist. The Organization is also authorized to document through the holding of the event at every stage audio video recordings or images.


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