And when do the disappeared return? Each time we think of them
About Clemencia Echeverri's video installation Duelos, the inaugural work in Fragmentos - Space for Art & Memory, created by Doris Salcedo in Bogotá.
Duelos is the inaugural piece of the space/work Fragmentos, a project conceived by the artist Doris Salcedo as a counter-monument and a place of collective mourning, as well as an exhibition space [1]. As is widely known, Fragmentos arose from the peace agreement between the Santos government and the FARC guerrillas, and was created under the specific mandate that the metal products of melted weapons be used to create a sculpture [2]. Salcedo presents an ‘inverse architecture’ [3], leaving open the ruins and remains of what was originally a built area to construct upon the original courtyards of a colonial house in the historic center of Bogotá, covering the entire floor with metal tiles made from the metal of the weapons [14]. The irregular texture of the tiles is the result of a collective and therapeutic action, a ‘sculptural catharsis’: female victims of sexual violence perpetrated by different actors of the conflict hammered their anger and frustration into the aluminum plates to give shape to the casting molds. As a result, each tile is unique, just as is the case for the story of each participating woman.
by José Roca
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