Cinetoro Expèrimental Film Festival

Deadline 31 august 2019
CINETORO is the pioneering space, in the exhibition of experimental content in cinema, which seeks to show excellence and innovation in the independent production of the world. Celebrate aesthetic diversity, new narratives, new media and formats; a program that reveals the complexity of social, cultural and artistic phenomena. We understand "experimental cinema, like cinema that originates from the visual arts". A divergent cinema, that vanishes the boundaries with art, emphasizing the experimental modes of creation; enhancing the alternative creative processes that prefer beauty to business, language to industry, the aesthetic importance to the number of spectators and the formation of the public to the show.
CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL invites artists, filmmaker’s producers and independent distributors to submit their films and participate in the creation of the curatorship and the 2019 official program.
Main goal:
Share the divergence, innovation, and the new ways of independent cinema where experimentation is transversal in the construction of a cinema, which precedes the industrial apparatus. A film festival that is gestated from the alternative, a nexus between the public and the invisible experimental production, that which diffuses far from the reach of traditional exhibition circuits.
The Curator:
It consists of 80 films of short and long duration, in different formats (fiction, documentary, animation, video art and experimental) compiled in different sections, for all audiences (Frame, a compilation of works for children, Panorama, a compilation of works for young audiences, and Art, a section with works that overflow the bidimensionality) the component of exhibition of the festival is competitive, awarding prizes to the Best Regional, National and International Work.
We have a guest jury, composed of national and international artists and filmmakers in charge of granting the merits to the productions that respond to the curatorial line of the event. There are no cash prizes. However, the festival advances negotiations with sponsors and allies for in-kind support to encourage the creation, production, post-production, distribution and alternative circulation that will be communicated in due time. The winners will receive a kinetic statuette of the festival, the SANTORO, designed by maestro Carlos Santa, pioneer of experimental animation in Colombia and member of our organizing committee.
The films registered to participate in the 12 edition CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL must meet the following requirements:
• The works should last from 1 to 20 minutes.
• The works must have been completed and completed between 2018 and 2019.
• International works of non-Hispanic language must have subtitles in Spanish.
• Yes Works in Spanish works must have English subtitles.
• Entries will be made online exclusively through the Festhome platform.
• The Films must have the rights over all the artistic material that appears in the work.
• Films that are not properly registered will not be accepted.
• CINETORO understands that the person responsible for the work (director, producer, distributor) is the owner of the distribution and copyright. The festival is based on the good faith of those responsible for registration and under no circumstances is responsible for disputes over the rights of the music, the image or the authorship of the work or the elements that compose it.
• The festival does not pay exhibition fees.
The festival will schedule the films and works in the different sections, as deemed appropriate. The sections are designed each year according to the criteria of the curatorial committee. You will receive information about the sections when you receive our email by selecting your work. Those selected will be included in the official catalog of the festival.
We are open to new forms, new media, audiovisual formats and avant-garde: experimental, video art, found footage, fiction, documentary, animation and documentary.
We accept works with challenging and diverse content, but we do not support misogynistic, sexist, racist, classist and homophobic works in all their forms.


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