Scrapbook (or, Why Can’t We Live Together)

Zoe Beloff, Bill Brand, MV Carbon, Diane Dwyer, Bradley Eros, foci + loci, Morrison Gong (w/ J. (Jialing) Shih), Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Marni Kotak, M. Lamar, Le’Andra LeSeur, Jeanne Liotta, Simon Liu, Bruce McClure, Julian Louis Phillips, Tenzin Phuntsog, Raha Raissnia
Microscope is very pleased to present the group exhibition “Scrapbook (or, Why Can’t We Live Together)” featuring New York-based artists known for their work in live performance mediums including expanded cinema, sound, performance art, and others.
The exhibition — the title of which references Jonas Mekas’ recent “Scrapbook of the Sixties”, featuring among others the artist’s meticulous diary entries, Village Voice columns, and other texts and materials about the events, happenings, expanded cinema, intermedia and other performances in the city that decade — is interested in connections, relationships, and the community among artists currently working in mediums that are often overlooked, considered unrelated, and frequently defy traditional categorization.
“Beck-Malina theatre, environment, music (sound), and light-motion art. The edges of where a specific work of art begins and where it ends are blurred out.” — Jonas Mekas, 1965
The exhibition consists of a broad range of moving image works on video and 16mm film projected daily in the gallery, as well as a schedule of live performances by each artist. Works dating from 1971 to the present tend toward the personal, whether diaristic or dealing with broader subject matter such as race, identity, sexual orientation, climate change, gentrification, or formal artistic concerns.
Performance works take various forms, from political and/or feminist durational performances to expanded cinema, from individual experiences with the viewer wearing a “movie head box” to communal ones with the audience surrounded by a circle of screens, from open air actions documenting the sun’s effect on the artist’s skin to digital performances activated by playing modified Playstation games.
A related program of moving image works by each of the artists will be on view during the gallery’s regular hours. Additionally, visitors to the gallery may find artists setting up, preparing for, or otherwise interacting with elements of their performances.
Microscope Gallery, 1329 Willoughby Ave Brooklyn, New York
Until August 19, 2019


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