MEM Internacional Experimental Arts Festival

MEM Internacional Experimental Arts Festival is now open to proposals for his 18th edition that will take place in Bilbao in November 2019.
We are open to all kinds of artistic proposals including performance, installation, photography, music, dance, video, everything...
We have two categories
A/ Budget less than 300 €
B/ Budget less than 1,000 €
(Budget includes VAT, transport, lodging, etc.)
If you are interested in being part of MEM 2019 please send your proposal, including, rider, needs, budget, pictures, videos, sounds, explanations, designs... (rider and budget necessary) by postal mail to:
Calle Cortes 29, 6o E 48003 Bilbao (Spain)
or by email to:
MEM reserves the right to use the works selected, or fragments thereof, strictly for promotional purposes of the festival.
Application form:
Year of production:
Duration / Measures:
Synopsis (90 words):
Curriculum vitae (90 words):
Contact details:
Call for submissions begins now and ends June 15th, 2019. We recommend to send your proposal as soon as possible.


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