International Video Art Festival Now&After’19

Now&After’19 will be held at Center of Creative Industries Fabrika
Opening April 17, 7pm
Dates: 18.04 – 12.05.2019
Media Art Center Now&After
CCI Fabrika
Supported by French Institute in Russia
This year we present the ninth edition of International Video Art Festival Now&After. Starting 2019 International Video Art Festival Now&After will work in a new format. Festival’s editions based on open call will be held every even year, as a biennale. In the year between them, we are going to hold a festival-exhibit featuring new works of artists from Now&After previous editions.
Now&After’19 will take place as an exhibition, in which ten artists from Russia, France, Argentina and USA participate.
Now&After’19 theme is “Collective Is Near”.
Collective is not an empty word for us. We live in a collective and near it, coming in contact with its different types: groups, teams, parties, occasionally entering them and leaving them, retreating a safe distance away and choosing a suitable one. What is a collective? Is it a group of people united by a common cause, or an inviolable union from a not-too-distant socialistic past? Is it a crowd bound to a single purpose, or a group of people cherishing their shared memories? Where does the influence of a crowd end, giving way to individuality? Where are the limits of the mimicry, dissolving an individual in a collective, and when does the conflict begin? How do the Morphean collective unconscious and the repressed personal unconscious manifest themselves?
Curated by Marina Fomenko
Trouble Collectif (Melania Avanzato, Arnaud Brihay, Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy, Jindra Kratochvil, Stephane Libert,), Night Interiors, France, 2018,16:47
Gentle Women (Alexandra Artamonova, Eugenia Lapteva), Urtica, Russia, 2017, 10:00
Roi (Anna Butenko, Antonina Gorbenko, Varvara Grankova, Lyuba Sautina, Victoria Khrenova), Weeds, Russia, 2017, 6:36
Elena Artemenko, Game, Russia, 2018, 10:12
Dmitry Bulnygin, Mycelium, video mapping, Russia, 2018
Gabriela Golder, Ordinary People, Argentina, 2014, 11:12
Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, School, Russia, 2018, 4:00
Vivian Ostrovsky, The Title Was Shot, USA, 2009, 9:00
Marina Fomenko, A Ball, Russia, 2018–2019, 7:20
Anne-Sophie Emard, Descendance, France, 2015, 23:00
The special program of the festival includes performances, meetings with artists and curators, as well as the showcase of international festival programs. Now&After’19 guests are the art director of Videoformes Digital Arts Festival Gabriel Soucheyre and artist Anne-Sophie Emard. We will present programs of Videoformes Digital Arts Festival (France), Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece), CologneOff Festival (Germany), International Videopoetry Festival VideoBardo (Argentine), The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP). Sergey Filatov will show a spatial-acoustic performance “Cloud of Overtones”.


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