Musrara Mix Festival 2019

We are honored to invite students from international art academies to submit video work for a student film program dealing with the annual theme of the festival – “Displacement”. The program will be exhibited during the festival.
This year at Musrara Mix #19 we will look at displacement in terms of dislocation, shift, mobility and migration through a plethora of discourse and research disciplines. Conversion and nomadism, expropriation and deterritorialization, disassembly and reconstruction – concepts and thought patterns that play a key role in contemporary artistic discourse, the media, science, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. The artists will bring their creative processes into the exhibition venues, spilling into the streets, courtyards and trails throughout Musrara neighborhood, with the aim of creating new possibilities for addressing and discussing the meanings of these notions and the critical and poetic understanding of their role in our lives.
We invite you to submit short / documentary video art (not longer than 7 minutes) dealing with the theme above. Kindly send a link such as YOUTUBE, VIMEO or any other hosting site.
In addition, please include a personal document: full name, contact email, institution and year of study, duration, full credits of the work-Artist's name, name of work, year of creation and a brief synopsis.
The materials should be sent to:
Deadline for submission: March 15th, 2019



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