Michael Snow, Wavelength

Canadian artist Michael Snow is celebrated for his groundbreaking work in a range of media including film, video and sound. Over the last six decades, his practice has explored the characteristics of these media in great depth, addressing questions of time, movement and perception.
We are honoured to welcome the artist to Tate to screen his renowned film Wavelength 1967, followed by the world premiere of Waivelength 2019, a new audio performance specially conceived for Tate Modern's Starr Cinema.
A feat of structural filmmaking, Wavelength unfolds as a gradual zoom from one side of the artist’s loft to the other, accompanied by the sound of a rising sine wave. The film is punctuated by changes in light, colour filters and four moments in which human characters appear, gesturing towards a narrative.
After a short break, Snow and collaborator Mani Mazinani will premiere an audio performance entitled Waivelength. The immersive performance reworks the film's sine wave soundtrack into a new composition distributed across multiple channels of sound in real time.​​
Waivelength will mark the third work Snow has made using materials from the film, following Slidelength 1969–71, a slide installation incorporating film stills and colour filters, and WVLNT (or Wavelength For Those Who Don't Have the Time) 2003, a digital version of the film condensed to one third of its duration through superimposition.
Slidelength 1969-71 forms part of the Tate Collection and is currently on view in Tate Modern’s Materials and Objects collection display.
Michael Snow Wavelength 1967, 16mm, colour, sound, 45 min
Michael Snow and Mani Mazinani Waivelength, audio performance, 35 min
This programme is supported by Tate Canada Foundation.
TATE MODERN Starr Cinema, Bankside London SE1 9TG
13 February 2019 at 18.30–20.40



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