Secret gardens

Contemporary film and video art festival
Museum Romeinse Katakomben, 20-28 October 2018.
Fourth edition of the yearly MRK film- and video art festival, featuring an international selection of video artists and film makers. The curatorial team decided this years festival theme to be 'Secret gardens'. The videos will be screened in the mystical underground spaces, part of Museum Romeinse Katakomben in Valkenburg, the Netherlands.
Museum Romeinse Katakomben (MRK) is a historical Roman museum. Wandering through the mystical underground passages - about 25 m underground - you will discover the ancient Rome of the third and fourth century. You descend to the graves of ordinary Roman citizens and to the beautiful tombs of prominent Romans. The breathtakingly beautiful fresco's reveal myths, scenes from daily life, but also countless gardens, flowers & nature scènes.
The museum has developed a theme tour, during which the visitors visit the fresco's of these 'secret' underground gardens. Due to the huge succes of this underground experience, the curatorial team decided to choose this inspiring theme to be this years festival's theme. Film makers and video artists are welcome to apply with a work which is a contemporary / conceptual translation of the concept 'secret garden'.
>> The international film and video festival is part of the contemporary program of Museum Romeinse Katakomben, in which historical themes are being visualized through contemporary art.
Only the following applications can be accepted:
• Your art video is a (contemporary / conceptual) reflection on the theme 'Secret gardens'.
• Please paste a preview link to your video into your email, preferably without password, along with your contact information.
• Attach a short c.v. and a document with title, length, format and conceptual background information about the video, no more then one page (PDF).
• Do not send original video's by WeTransfer yet, unless specifically requested by the team of curators.
• Please send your email & attached documents to, subject 'Secret gardens’!
> Submission deadline: 10/09/2018
> Open to national and international professional working artists of all ages.
> There is no entry fee.
> Previews must be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo or to a personal website.
> Single channel videos only.
> Artists agree on having their video and stills used for promotion of the event.
> Artists accept to having their video screened at the museum.
> Works must be made within the past 5 years
> If the work uses a language other than English, it must be subtitled in English.
> Maximum duration 15 minutes.
> Copyrights remain exclusively the property of the artist.
> Selected artist will be notified after the deadline, at which moment a HD screening copy will be requested.
Ana Frangovska (curator National Gallery Macedonia / Biennale Venice), Nino Lomadze (Willem de Kooning academie, Imago Mundi Highlights collection), Maureen Bachaus (Artistic Director Museum Romeinse Katakomben).
Museum Romeinse Katakomben
Maureen Bachaus?
Plenkertstraat 55?6301 GL Valkenburg aan de Geul, The Netherlands



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