Monitor Fest 2018

Monitor Fest, Crete's Contemporary Arts Festival, is being held for the last two years in Heraklion, Greece. Its aim is to develop a platform for contemporary arts, through a dialogue between tradition and modernism, arts and artists, locality and extroversion.
The results and the extraordinary positive response by artists and the public, urge us to renew our rendezvous for October 2018.
This year, the Festival will be hosted in the premises of the antique factory "Athena" which once belonged to the family of the Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Odysseus Elytis, who was born in Heraklion. Recently, part of it was renovated to host the central bus station of the island of Crete.
Inspired by these facts, we urge international contemporary artists of all fields to participate.
Our open call for 2018 stands on three pillars:
Visual Arts / Installations
"Poetry & Travel"
We welcome works that are related to poetry in conjunction with travel. The artists have the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings on the subject, using any and every method and art they desire. On a secondary level, we would also welcome contemporary works inspired by or referring to the renowned poet Odysseus Elytis
Performing Arts
We welcome artistic proposals of contemporary dance / theatre / music that move along the axis of "tradition and modernism". Works that are based on the cultural heritage of any place or country which can combine, as a bridge, the past with the present and future, and traditions with contemporary world.
This year Monitor Fest is introducing a new section - artistic workshops as we ideally aim to create new artistic trends. Within this framework, we welcome proposals that "fuse" different arts and crafts, possibly through experimentation, no matter how "alien" to each other they may seem, ideally moving, but not limited to, on the above-mentioned axis.
Please express your interest through email: We will reply with an application form and further details about the Festival.
Deadline for submitting proposals: 10th of September 2018.


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