The twenty-somethings, students and young adults, filmed by Laurène Carmona, who is interested in her own generation, are the starting point of this programme.
Films about youth, student films and films made immediately after the years of training are presented to have a look at those who are twenty-something and who film themselves in those years which, if we are to believe Laurène Carmona, never stop expanding.
Saison Video 2018
Laurène Carmona No waves, 2016, 12 mn
Master Audiovisual Film Directing, LUCA school of Arts Brussels, 2016
Juliette Gadenne Insane dream, 2017, 1 mn 54
Athens School Of Fine Arts et Esa Tourcoing
Thomas Schmahl Le rouge de nos désirs, sur l’envers de nos cuirs , 2017, 12 mn
ESAD Reims
Nassimo Berthommé Le Syndrôme de Koï, 2017, 12 mn 37
esban (école supérieure des beaux arts de Nîmes), 5eme année
Alexandre Erre Feeding the multitude, 2017, 12 mn
Benjamin Vertu 100% Vrai, 2017, 8 mn
ESAC Cambrai
Eléonore Berrubé Toutes les couleurs de la nuit , 2016, 16 mn 30
CREATACC (IUT Di Corsica/G.R.E.C.) 2014-2015
9 - 31 july 2018


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