Is pleased to announce photographer Dariush Nehdaran’s debut at Roya Khadjavi Projects with his first Solo exhibition in New York City opening on May 10th at Elga Wimmer gallery space. We will be showing Seven series of Nehdaran’s Photographs and video installations spanning over fourteen years will be exhibited and accompanied by a forty-page catalogue featuring an introduction and the artist’s interview by Maryam Ekhtiar, Associate Curator of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
“Nehdaran’s photographs invite the viewer to see the world through the lens of the camera and to experience its physicality from his unique vantage point. But beyond the compositional and aesthetic characteristics, each one embodies a sense of ambiguity, unsettling uncertainty and acute loss that keeps the viewer in limbo." Maryam Ekhtiar
"There is never a dull moment. I often surprise myself with what I say and what I do! This is what I enjoy most and I try to create those same experiences for others. Through my photography and videos, I direct an improvised story in real time but record it through a manipulated frame. In a way, this is to add more spice and complication so that when the audience looks at that captured moment, they can come up with numerous interpretations of my work. For me, following the rules is an anathema. I like to delve into reality, discover and expose it in ways that would always allow me to create an individual and alternative interpretation. I believe that one can always find some newness in the routine of one’s life. My own photographs reveal something new to me every day and by using paradox, I add to their mystery by creating a dream world where rules don’t apply. I think an upside down image makes total sense for example because I believe that we can make our own rules."
Dariush Nehdaran
May 10 to May 23rd
Elga Wimmer Gallery, 526 West 26th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY


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