Video Sur

You still have four days (counting today) to go and lay down at one of the queen-size puffs at Palais de Tokyo’s screenroom and be amazed by any of the dozens of art videos that the Latin American association Artesur has put together for their new project Video SUR.
There is nothing that prepares you for Video SUR, and you’re very unlikely to see all the videos. Around ten screens, simultaneously projecting several videos each, are placed at the ground floor, in a difficult pathway to follow, but definitely worth your while.
Video SUR is an exciting project, showing realities and fictions of Latin America from the perspective of nearly one hundred video artists belonging to seventeen collectives from eleven different countries. Video SUR was conceived by independent curators Ananay Arango and Elena Lespes Muñoz.
The collectives involved in the project are: La Embajada (Mexico), Proyectos Ultravioleta (Guatemala), TEOR/éTica (Costa Rica), Despacio (Costa Rica), Espira (Nicaragua), (BIS) Oficina de proyectos (Colombia), CaldodeCultivo (Colombia), Micromuseo (Peru), Residência Artística Cambridge (Brazil), OLHO (Brazil), Galería Ruby (Argentina), Y.ES Contemporary (Salvador), Arte Actual FLACSO (Ecuador), BARRO Arte Contemporáneo (Argentina), Die Ecke (Chile) and La Ene (Argentina).
Video SUR - Palais de Tokyo (Paris) - 16/02/2018 to 12/03/2018


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