next edition 11th 2018/2019
New way of watching video art

When was the last time you finish watching a video completely in an art space?
A common problem occurs in almost all the exhibition when presenting video artworks, which is the audience no longer patient when they watch a video. They walk by the screen and only stay for several seconds, sometimes even can’t be bothered to put the headphones on.
Arthub keeps on exploring a better way to present video artworks, including online screening which allow people to view the videos in his/her private space whenever available, and also, a new format like this time, presenting the AR book lin_ke for the audience to scan the images to access hundreds of Lin Ke’s video artworks.
We invited artist Lin Ke to talk about online persona and second identity, and Antonie Angerer from Tria to share with us her insights about innovative ways to view artworks.
Lin Ke (Artist)
Antonie Angerer (Tria Publish)
Moderator: Paul Han (Arthub)
2017 August 13, 15:00-16:30
3F CREATER SPACE, No.888 Huashan Road