next edition 11th 2018/2019
LCVA Punk Film Night

Presented by LCVA + DIY Space for London's Film Collective:
A selection of videos from the London Community Video Archive related to DIY cultural production, youth subcultures, identity and punk rock, shown alongside Dan Graham’s Minor Threat (1983). These works (which include several previously unseen videos held by the LCVA) suggest a series of convergences and divergences: the challenging of fixed polarities between spectator and performer or subject and filmmaker; shifting and conflicting understandings of identity and community; punk as dress-up and role-play vs. punk conceived as raw, authentic expression. Graham’s videotape (a precursor to his more famous Rock My Religion) made around the same time and sharing the medium of the LCVA works, is driven by a vision of hardcore punk as a community with its own rituals and protocols, creating an oblique link with UK community video. A videotape like Being White, meanwhile, made by a group including critic and theorist Kobena Mercer, queries the invisibility of whiteness to white people, a pertinent question in light of the white adolescent masculinity pervasive in the hardcore scene that Minor Threat documents.
Punk Tape
Being White (Albany Video)
Minor Threat (Dan Graham, 1983)
Girls in Conversation (1976)
Thursday 10th August - 7:30pm - Donations on the door
London Community Video Archive: WHY BE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT?
DIY Space for London (DSFL) is a volunteer-run members club. Members and their guests are allowed to attend.
DIY Space for London, 96-108 Ormside Street, SE15 1TF Londra