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Video Art Event, VIIIth edition
We would like to thank all the artists participating in the selection for Video Art Event, the 8th edition, |IN|DUST|REAL 2017 Oradea, Romania. Unfortunately we had to refuse a number of videos since there were very many great applications. Video Art Event-Team chose the video that best fits the concept published on our website. Video Art Event will be presented from 20 May 2016, 19.00- 01.00 at the Museum of Tarii Crisurilor in Oradea.
The following artist are finalists
Hervé ALL, White Light, France
Francesca Leoni, Shrine 2.4.5, Italy
Pete Burkeet, Boat, USA
Kuo Ying Hsiu, Repeat Repeat, Taiwan
Milad Monavvarian, Limitless Reality, Canada
Isabella Gresser, Oracle of a found shoe, Germany
Bon Bon (Brigita Kazlauskaite), The Dimension. A clockwork humankind, Czech Republic
Ruohan Wang, Gravitational Waves, Germany
Carolina Lara Grimberg, Viszlát Beltrán, Argentina
Benjamin Rosenthal, From this side of space to the other side of the signal, USA
Matías Bó, Sofia (Jean Arp), Argentina
Ilya Kardakov, Life and Death
Adam Brown, R E V E R B, United Kingdom
Brian Ratigan, A Stones Throw Away, USA
Ena Kielska, The Habit Ants, Poland
Dimitar Dimitrov, The Retarded Child, Bulgaria
Laura Iancu, Self(i.e.;), USA
Nikolaus Jantsch, Microscopia, Austria
Katalin Egely, Land Without Evil, Hungary
Sungwoong HEO, Light Flow, South Korea
Jeroen ter Welle, Wind, Netherlands
Jesseca Ynez Simmons, Dark Matter(s), USA
Visual Container selection:
Eleonora Roaro, 00:00:01:00
Lucia Veronesi, Fuori, una gran notte di stelle
Barbara and Ale, Barbara Ceriani Basilico, Alessandro Mancassola, The sky is fallin, loop In collaboration with Elio Marchesini.
Matteo Pasin, Weltanschauung – Il mondo come volontà di rappresentazione
Patrizia Bonardi, melograno.pomegranate
Sonia Armaniaco, no more UPGRADE
Antonello Matarazzo, Karma n.1 (earth)
Curatorial text:
We live in an artificial and irrational world where the qualities of nature are replaced with episodic immediate values that miss the richness of the natural universe at a micro and macrocosmic level.
The contemporary society teaches the present generations to consume more than necessary. We constantly encounter recommendations to overconsume, through advertisements, the Internet, posters, etc. These make us less vigilant and undermine the knowledge of true effects on ecosystems and make the role of nature more relative, excluding or ignoring the effects of man’s forced intrusion into nature as a consequence of industrial overproduction.
The continuous product promotion lead to a generation most of the time unaware of the effects this excessive consumption has on the environment.
We are a consumer generation which forgets that waste production has a negative impact on the natural regeneration and the preservation of natural ecosystem.
The changes in climate have reached dangerous levels for the normal pace of life evolution and waste reintegration is by far much slower than the process of producing toxic substances that can be found in food, plastic, metal or electronic waste.
Questions regarding the protection and preservation of the environment have been raised worldwide:
-why the technological progress means, in many cases, environmental destruction and which are the ways of saving those natural ecosystems destroyed by excessive industrial development?
-how can we synchronize natural regeneration with the idea of technological evolution without undermining the natural development of ecosystems?
-can elements of nature be preserved by using modern technology? Can we look at this artificial preservation as a necessary measure to regenerate ecosystems?
-how can we cope with the mistakes we make while implementing new technologies?
-how do we protect nature by drafting sets of bioethical rules meant to produce beneficial effects upon nature?
The video artist’s suspicion related to these phenomena is materialised by interpreting images that are directly connected either with the essential attributes of the realities of nature or with the human actions upon nature. Thus the contemporary artist questions the technology – nature relation in a critical, conceptual and aesthetic manner and studies fragments from the natural reality or visual monstrosities produced by man’s intrusion in the natural environment.
Curator? Associate Professor Dr. Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrila?
IN|DUST|REAL| Video art event, VIIIth edition
will be presented from 20 th 2017 from 19-01 PM at Museum of Tarii Crisurilor in Oradea, University of Oradea, Visual Arts Department, Faculty of Arts, Romania and in June in Italy at Visual Container, box Videoart Project Space Milan