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The artist: Inés Wickmann

Inés Wickmann [France]
Inés WICKMANNN was born in Bogota, Colombia. She graduated from Universidad Javeriana in Interior Design and in Plastic Art at Universidad National, Bogota. Later on, she earned a Master in isual Arts and New Media at the Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM), Canada . While, She studied music and created the program "Sonidos Contemporáneos" or the Universidad Nacional radio station. Her production started with paintings and envolved towards tridimentional objects, and video installations.
She has participated in numerus individual and collective expositions in Colombia, Mexico, Canada and France. Her videos have been displayed at varius international festivals.
Her works have their origins in a large inventory of images and "objets trouvés" during her different travels. In her multidisciplinare practice, her reflections move around the threads of time , the memory, the disappearance
and the identity . Arising from her interest in music , the sound element reaches great relevance in her videos ; they are the product of collaboration with many electroacoustic music compossers .
She currently lives and works in France.

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