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The artist: Martyn Blundell

Martyn Blundell [United Kingdom]
The current work involves acts of ordering and juxtaposition of image, text, music and spoken phrases, in order to attempt to generate poetic narratives made through acts of association and combination.

space - navigation - the ordering of relationships, spatial, the relocation of place - where is this in relation to that?

time - memory - the ordering of experience, temporal, the recollection of events - when was that in relation to this?

Martyn Blundell is a video artist based in the UK.

CONVALESCENT FADE - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
CONVALESCENT FADE - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
THE OCTOPUS CATCHER - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
SLEEPING WITH TANIA - 6th ed. [read synopsis]



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