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The artist: Tom Sajewski

Tom Sajewski [Poland]
Third Time Lucky (2019) [DOP] [feature documentary] In/Off (2018) [DIR/DOP] [short documentary] Wooden Rifles (2018) [DIR/DOP] [short documentary] Stanczyk in Jeans (2017) [DOP] [short documentary] Paralysis (2017) [DIR/DOP] [short fiction] Box (2016) [DOP] [short fiction] Slaughterhouse (2016) [DOP] [theater play] Continuum (2016) [DOP] [short documentary] Innocent X (2015) [DIR/DOP] [short fiction] Be.FrienD.eD (2015) [DIR/DOP] [short fiction] It Was A Paradise For Us (2015) [DOP] [short documentary] Poland Not Yet Lost (2015) [DIR/DOP] [short fiction] German Angst (2015) [1st AD] [feature fiction] Three Circles of Life (2014) [DIR/DOP] [short fiction] Hawk's Eye (2013) [DIR/DOP] [short fiction]

PARALYSIS - 11th ed. [read synopsis]


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