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The artist: Alyona Polyakova

Alyona Polyakova [Russian Federation]
I was born in Lazarevskoe (Sochi, Black Sea) in 1988, but I lived in Moscow from early childhood. Here I studied in school and then in the state University of Management (The faculty of world economy). 
Being at the last years of school I understood that I want to devote my life to cinema. So after graduation from the university (in 2010) I retired from my profession and started working as a producer of students’ short films at the educational film Studio of VGIK (the All-Russian State University of Cinematography). While working there I also tried myself as an assistant director, a props man, a casting director, a script-girl, an administrator, an actor, a second director and as a short-film director.
The last five years I work as a script-supervisor in TV series and feature films. I also write screenplays of shortfilms, which I want to film by myself in the nearest years.

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