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The artist: claRa apaRicio-yoldi

claRa apaRicio-yoldi [Spain]
claRa is a Spanish Video Artist based in London.
She mixes video and animation with painting, found footage, digital collages and programming to create visual poems.
She has recently received the Most Promising Video Artist Award in Madatac 07 - Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain.
Her pieces have been awarded in other international Video Art festivals such as FIVAC - Camag├╝ey International Video Art Festival (Cuba) and BANG - Barcelona International Video Art Festival (Spain) and screened in galleries, museums and cultural spaces around the world.

DON QUIJOTE - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
EFFICIENT STORY - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
ZOOM IN - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
ICONOSFERA - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
RAM_CITY (1000 SCREENS) - 10th ed. [read synopsis]



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