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The artist: Carla Andrade

Carla Andrade [Spain]
Carla Andrade is a Visual Artist with a Degree in Audio-visual Studies and Philosophy. She carried out Artist Residencies in Iceland, Sweden, Nepal, Chile, and Paris, among others. She had solo exhibitions at the MAC in A Coruña, Colegio de España in Paris, Trinta Gallery in Santiago, CDAN in Huesca, BilbaoArt... Collectively, her work was shown at Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, MARCO of Vigo, CArteC Madrid, 104 in Paris, etc; in Film and Photography Festivals such as Filmadrid, Curtocircuito, L’Alternativa (CCCB Barcelona), Cineuropa, PhotoEspaña, Mois de la Photo off, Encontros da Imagem... She’s got prestigious awards, grants and Fellowships in Spain and abroad. She collaborated very closely with the Filmmaker Lois Patiño in his most awarded films: “Costa da Morte” and "Montaña en sombra”.

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