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The artist: Lina Pulido Barragán - Andrés Stepanichtchev (Reactante Collective)

Lina Pulido Barragán - Andrés Stepanichtchev (Reactante Collective) [Colombia]
Reactante is a catalyst and generator of alternative practices focused on experimentation, research, creation and visualization of processes that interrelate art, science and technology in Colombia.

In 2015 Reactante won the “Art and Sciencie Grant in Bogota´s Planetarium” (Idartes) with Espectrum visible. Cúmulos estelares, a curatorial project that revolved around the observance and nonobservance of certain light phenomena, understanding that interdisciplinary art can start from astrophysics theories to create meanings that allow a deeper and more conscious approach to existence (Qualia), revealing the correlation between both. The project gathered in situ artworks of the Colombian artists Jessica Angel, Mauricio Bejarano, Lina Mazenett & David Quiroga and the Colombian scientist Edgar González.

In 2016, with La Loma collective (Germany), Reactante develop DAT0 P0R LIEBRE, a data visualization laboratory, at Plataforma Bogotá, which explored divergent views on the dynamics of informal economy in Bogotá in relation to the district government policies. In this same year the Goethe Institut invites Reactante to make an artistic intervention for the celebration of its 60 years in Bogotá. This is how "Atid (Tiempo futuro)" is born, a light - sound installation that explores the state of the mind and consciousness of the human being with the intention of finding answers to the question: how do we imagine the future?

Currently Reactante is developing QUANTA, a curatorial project that seeks to explore different appropriations of quantum physics theory, from personal experience and study field of the colombian artists, artistic collectives and scientists Angélica Piedrahita, RESET collective, el Desguazadero Colectivo, Jose Jairo Giraldo, Verónica Arias and Santiago Giraldo, the Mexican artist Arcángelo Constantini and the Mexican scientist Roberto Zenit.

Andrés Stepanichtchev (Empirical artist, journalist and cultural manager)
Lina Pulido Barragán (Visual / experimental artist and cultural manager)

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