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The artist: Elisa Gallego Picard

Elisa Gallego Picard [Spain]
Elisa Gallego Picard (A Coruña). Master Degree and PhD on Architecture by ETSA Madrid and Master on photography by the School of Visual Arts, New York. Besides working and teaching architecture (POLIMI) I’m an independent visual artist and digital illustrator, publishing since 2005. I’ve been finalist among others, on Communication Arts 17 (CA) PH16 (ES), Adobe Awards ADAA15 (US) and IPA15 (US).
Visual art comes to me as a tool to express my concerns. My main interest is the relation that man establish with his territory, which is in continuous transformation. The territory can be abstract or physical, the air or the tangible world, it constructs cultures and ways of seeing.

REVERIE PRACTICE - 10th ed. [read synopsis]



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